Ephrata Police warn of scammer posing as Federal Agent

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

scam-fox43Ephrata Police want the public to be aware of a scam operating in the area where someone is pretending to be a federal agent. Wednesday evening, a resident called police to complain of someone ringing her doorbell around 5:40pm. When police arrived, they encountered a taxi driver from a local company. He told police he was called there to pick up the resident and take her to an unknown address in Lancaster City.

The victim told police she received several calls throughout the day on Wednesday from a person identifying themselves as a “Federal Agent”.  The caller told her that due to her illegal purchase of a diet supplement several years ago, she was being arrested and needed to post bail money to clear up the arrest.  The “Federal Agent” advised since she was not able to get to a bail bondsman to post the bail money he would send a taxi so she could get to the bondsman.  The resident called Ephrata Police when a taxi showed up at her residence.

The supervisor at the taxi company told police he received a call from a “Federal Agent” who wanted a person picked up and brought to an address in Lancaster City.   The “Federal Agent” requested a call from the taxi company when they had the person and the “Federal Agent” would provide an exact address.

Ephrata Police confirmed that the call was not from a federal law enforcement agency. They advise citizens to notify police immediate if confronted with a similar situation.