Police release video in I-81 road rage murder

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Police released new video that investigators hope will bring forward witnesses of the I-81 road rage shooting death of Timothy Davison.

Police say they know other drivers witnessed the deadly shooting on January 4th, which happened on the median of I-81 in Antrim Township, Franklin County (near Exit 3).

The video shows other drivers and police are hoping witnesses will come forward.

The video is dark, but the first car seen traveling left to right is the suspect’s car. Police say this video was taken just after 2 a.m. from a parking lot camera.

In the video, the killer travels southbound. The suspect had already forced Davison off the road onto the median– thenĀ  continued north and turned around. In the video, the suspect is returning southbound, back to Davison’s car, to shoot and kill him just moments after this video.

“Hopefully by issuing this video, it might jog some people’s memories regarding the incident and hopefully they’ll come forward with any information they have and call our tip line,” says Trooper Rob Hicks of Pennsylvania State Police.

Police say the suspect was driving a dark blue Ford Ranger pickup truck, with damage to its driver’s side that may be repaired now.

The suspect’s car looks like the one in the photo here, which was released by police.