Some Lemoyne businesses seeing sewer bills triple

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No one likes paying bills, especially when they’re triple what they used to be. That’s the case for the family owned Quality Cleaners in Lemoyne, which has operated in the same spot for more than 55 years and have seen their share of changes.  “We do experience increases by all of our vendors on an ongoing basis from year to year, but never to this extent” said Quality Cleaners co-owner Ed Sternberg.

Their most recent sewer bill has increased by more than 300%. Lemoyne Borough Manager Robert Ihlein is empathetic. “I feel their pain and I know this is something, an issue we thought might happen and counsel may have to look at again” said Ihlein.

The increased expense will help pay for a $19 million dollar sewer system upgrade and protect the environment. Ihlein said some of the money will be used “to help cleanup the Susquehanna river and Chesapeake Bay so we have to spend money on a whole new level of treatment technology.”

Sternberg worries the increased cost might force him to change the way he does business. “Less hiring of our employees, or possibly hours adjustments or maybe Christmas bonuses will be smaller this year than in past years” said Sternberg.

Businesses will have a chance to voice their concerns about the bills. The Sewer Committee meets next Thursday at 730PM at the Borough offices at 510 Herman Avenue.