9-year-old boy with special needs competes for custom bike

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WEST VIRGINIA — A 9-year-old West Virginia boy does not let his disabilities slow him down, and he’s hoping to soon be riding a new custom bike and not a wheelchair.

Brady Conn has special needs and will likely eventually have to be in a wheelchair, but right now his favorite ride is a bike.

For now, Brady uses a hand-pedal bike that only works his upper body strength, but a custom, push-pedal bike would work his leg muscles, and hopefully keep him out of a wheelchair a little longer.

So he’s in a national contest hoping to win this custom bike.

Brady has a long list of health problems including spina bifida, hydrocephalus, club feet, neurological bowel and bladder and is developmentally delayed.

Brady’s parents, Anna and Matthew Conn, adopted him when he was a baby. They say nothing gets in his way of just trying to be a normal kid.

In the contest, Brady could win a custom, adaptive bike that his family just can’t afford. The bike costs about $1,500.

The contest is lead by the Michaela Noam Kaplan Great Bike Giveaway, sponsored by Friendship Circle of Michigan.

Riding his way into the hearts of everyone who meets him, Brady would rather be outside riding his bike than anywhere else.

“Vote for me!” he exclaims.

To vote for Brady just log on to the Great Bike Giveaway’s webpage or go directly to Brady’s page.

You have until March 25 to cast your vote, and winners will be announced the following day.

Source: WCHSTV

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