Local News

Wax museum artifacts go on the auction block

Civil War artifacts were sold to the highest bidder on Saturday in Gettysburg.
Items that have been on display for decades at The American Civil War Wax Museum, on Steinwehr Avenue, went on the auction block to make room for new displays.
Some of the interesting memorabilia up for sale included Civil War uniforms, books, paintings, exhibits and even 95 life-sized wax figures; even one of President Abraham Lincoln.
The museum is under new ownership and will now refocus its storyline to that of the town before, during, and after the Battle of Gettysburg.
“It’s a story that’s not currently being told that will be able to orient people to the town itself and hopefully encourage people to visit and tour the town, and the other attractions within the community,” says Stephanie Lightner, General Manager.
The museum is currently closed and will reopen later this year.
Saturday’s auction will allow the museum to redevelop and update the space, and make it relevant to all visitors.


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