Local News

Arts education advocacy event held in Harrisburg

Writen by:  Alysa Poindexter

State legislators have declared today, Tuesday March 18th, as Arts Education Advocacy day.  In Harrisburg, education leaders gathered alongside the PA general assembly at the Capitol Media Center Tuesday morning to reinforce the importance of arts education in Pennsylvania.  The newly formed Pennsylvania Arts Education Network hosted the event, which also featured local student art exhibits and performances.  Leaders say the event presents an opportunity for leaders to come together to work on improving arts education and quality.

Ron Cowell, President of the Education Policy and Leadership Center says, “When there are too many voices asking for too many different things, legislators aren’t quite sure what the priorities are.  In this instance, now the advocates for arts education are speaking with a common voice delivering a very clear message about what the priorities are.”

The Pennsylvania Arts Education Network has six policy goals which include reinstating the PA School of Arts, encouraging art as a graduation credit, and restoring some of the arts programs that were cut across the Commonwealth.



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