Local News

Police arrest man for carjacking at Central York Middle School



Police arrested a man who they say carjacked two people in the parking lot of Central York Middle School Monday night.

Jordan Stein is charged with robbery, robbery of a motor vehicle, theft, receiving stolen property, aggravated assault (2 counts), driving under the influence and hit and run (3 counts).

According to police reports, Stein forced his way into the drivers’ seat of a Lexus parked along the 1900 block of North Hills Road. Investigators say two people were inside the vehicle, waiting for the driver to return.

The passengers were able to escape as Stein was backing up, police said.

One of the victims sustained an injury to his hand while trying to get the other passenger out of the vehicle.  Stein fled the scene in the stolen vehicle and was eventually captured along Farmbrook Lane in York. He was taken to York Central Booking for processing.

Police said that prior to the carjacking, Stein was reportedly driving erratically through yards along the 1800 block of Ridgewood Road.

According to police reports, Stein stole the Lexus after his own vehicle  became disabled in a ditch.


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