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Woman gives dog fatal C-section, closes wound with glue

Photo: Hillsborough PD

FLORIDA (PIX11) – A Florida woman not licensed to practice veterinary medicine is facing jail time after authorities say she performed a botched C-section on a pregnant dog and closed the wound with glue, killing the animal.

Cops say the mastiff’s owner brought the dog to Canace Patricia Hauser for help after it went into labor.

Hauser was actually able to deliver 12 of the puppies manually, Hillborough County Animal Safety and Enforcement officials said, but when the dog had trouble delivering the last two, she resorted to horrific means.

The Tampa woman cut the dog open without anesthesia, then closed the incision with glue.

“She glued the incision, she didn’t suture it, she glued it,” an official said.

The dog’s owner took it to an actual veterinarian, where the animal was pronounced dead.

Hauser is now facing third-degree aggravated cruelty to animals charge and could be jailed for five years.



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