AG warns illegal hearing aid fitter may be opperating in Adams and York Counties

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Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane and Health Secretary Michael Wolf today cautioned residents in Adams and York Counties that Timothy John Rooney Jr., a former hearing aid fitter who is no longer permitted to do business in Pennsylvania, may be continuing to operate.

Rooney has operated under the name American Hearing Aid Centers Inc. and American Hearing Centers Inc.  He has had offices located at 380 Lincoln Highway East and 2230 Oxford Road in New Oxford, Adams County, and in Grandview Plaza, Suite E, 1446 Baltimore St., Hanover, York County.

Rooney’s registration with the Department of Health, was suspended on Aug. 21, 2013 for a period of five years, and was later revoked. This was based on Rooney’s past unsatisfactory conduct while engaging in the business of fitting and selling hearing aids.  Since that time, the Office of Attorney General has received reports that Rooney has, despite his revocation, been posing as a registered hearing aid fitter.

Consumers are asked to contact the Attorney General’s Office if they are approached by Rooney. Complaints can be filed with the Health Care Section by calling 1-877-888-4877 or online at

The Office of Attorney General offers the following tips for consumers looking to purchase hearing aids:

  • Unless you have scheduled an appointment, hearing aid professionals typically will not come to your home.
  • Ask for identification and to see a current registration ? you can contact the Department of Health at 717-783-8078 to verify that hearing aid fitter or dealer is currently registered.
  • Be wary of a request to meet at an office outside normal business hours, or an office that appears to be closed for business.
  • Before purchasing a hearing aid, you must be given a complete hearing test, and the opportunity to see a medical doctor about your hearing loss or to decline your right to do so in writing.
  • When you purchase a hearing aid, you must receive a written disclosure agreement with all fees itemized, a receipt and a 30-day guarantee.
  • Be wary of any hearing aid fitter selling used or “demonstration model” aids.
  • If you are not receiving hearing aids you ordered or that were sent for repair, you can contact the hearing aid manufacturer directly.

(Source: Pennsylvania Attorney General)