Harrisburg sinkhole problems persist

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Deteriorating water and sewage pipes are showing their age in Harrisburg.  Multiple sinkholes opened up on Thursday when a water main burst along 14th Street.

The water main break caused multiple sinkholes to open up and forced people to evacuate their homes.  They were let back in yesterday.  Just within the past year, a sinkhole opened up along North 4th Street that also resulted in evacuations.

Shannon Williams with Capitol Region Water says right now they are going to be focusing on prevention, so that sinkholes like these don’t open again, “We’re going to be purchasing some sound equipment that will locate and detect leaks within a good foot of each other.  We’re going to deploy those throughout they city, we are going to start paying attention to how things sound, how they should sound, how they’re not sounding, and pay more attention so that we can maybe pinpoint some of these problems before they occur and become large sinkholes.”

Capitol Region Water is getting quotes from contractors to determine the extent of the damage underneath the road here and how they will go about fixing it.

A boil water advisory remains in effect for people living along 14th Street, but it is expected to be lifted sometime Friday night.