Man claims to have perfect NCAA bracket, but there is one problem…

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Brad Binder of Buffalo Grove, Illinois is said to be the only person in the entire country left with a perfect NCAA March Madness bracket.  The only problem?  He never submitted it into the billion dollar bracket pool.  Binder entered his bracket into Yahoo!’s tourney bracket pickem contest, but somehow forgot to enter it into Warren Buffett’s billion dollar bracket challenge.  Now Binder wants Buffett to put his money where his mouth is and grandfather him into the contest.

What do you think?  Should Binder be allowed to join the contest?

PS — The odds of anyone picking all 64 winning teams is 1 in 9.2 trillion.

Buffett and Quicken Loans will still be paying up to the tune of 100,000 dollars to the top 20 finishers.