Paging outage cuts off communication to first responders

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Firefighters faced a huge fire early Thursday morning in York. Dispatchers sent out two calls for more help, but in the midst of the third alarm, their paging system crashed.

The pagers carried by all York County firefighters went silent. Those pagers alert the firefighters and EMTs to the emergencies they need to respond to.

“The command officer is most likely expecting more units to come in to assist and there’s none coming,” says Scott Livelsberger, deputy chief of the Wrightsville Fire and Rescue Company. “Because there’s none being dispatched.”

Livelsberger says if another incident happened at the time the system was down, no one would have known to go help.

The York County Department of Emergency services says their computerized paging system went down. There’s a backup system that can still reach all the pagers- but it was already broken.

According to protocol, fire chiefs should then have received a phone call, telling them to man their stations to be dispatched over the phone. But that never happened.

The paging system was down for about an hour, starting at 1:15 a.m., and no first responders were notified.

“What’s it going to take the county of York, commissioners, state representatives, to fix this before someone does get killed?” says Chad Livelsberger, fire chief of Wrightsville Fire and Rescue Company.

York County says it was a failure by its staff to follow protocol. The Department of Emergency Services spokesman says, “The failure of the system and our personnel is unacceptable and is being comprehensively addressed.”

The statement says the department will take “corrective action” that “could include employee discipline and/or retraining.”

The spokesman also says parts are on the way to repair the backup paging system.


  • YC taxpayer

    Well Chad lets look at some other thing
    1. C Riely who said the staff complaints about being over worked and under staffed were a union ploy. Looks like a big mistake happened
    2. A management team that does not know how to manage ie: E Bistline, J Mendez, C Dietz, and S Creasy that has cost you the tax payer right around 1 million dollars overtime pay the last few years.

    So Chad you want to fix the problem you need to start at the top and get ride of Bistline, Mendez, Dietz, an Creasy and get a management staff that's knows what they are doing instead of wasting everyone tax dollars due to miss management

    • James

      Not to mention look into who got what perks for installing that nightmare of a radio system that was known from the onset to NOT be compatible with the 9/11 Commission recommendations for emergency radio systems. (Not to mention it was NEVER designed to be used for forst responder us to begin with!) I would take a look at the county commissioners and Bistline's bank accounts.

      • Chad Livelsberger

        I totally agree with what you are saying! I understand the problem! The media needs to inform the public! It’s not dispatcher error that the back up paging system is down since December! It’s not the dispatchers fault that the NEW CAD was never tested before it was put live! It’s easier to place blame, then to take responsibility it may hurt egos or elections I get it! Obviously it’s more important then the safety of the citizens of YORK COUNTY! Nothing said by Scott or I was a lie and we never placed blame on the dispatchers! If the dispathers are under trained it’s Still Eric Bistlines responsibility to ensure that are trained correctly!!

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