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Mother uses 7 year son to help shoplift

Police in Lancaster County say a woman used her juvenile son to help steal from Walmart.   It happened at about 2:25 pm Sunday at the Walmart in the 2000 block of Lincoln Highway East in East Lampeter Township.

Township police say Christina Sirgenson, 31, of Lancaster City, hid a Lego set valued at $69.97 under a blanket in her shopping cart. She directed her 7 year old son to help hide the toy. Sirgenson also concealed paint and seeds in her purse before leaving the store without paying for the merchandise.

Due to prior arrests for retail theft, Sirgenson was charged with Felony Retail Theft and Corruption of Minors.


1 Comment to “Mother uses 7 year son to help shoplift”

    Bill said:
    March 24, 2014 at 8:48 PM

    Mother of the year, for sure. She should be ashamed of herself!

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