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York County woman accused of ripping off Maryland couple with ‘surrogate’ scam



Christina Lee Jensen (Fairview Twp. PD)

Police arrested a Fairview Township woman on Friday whom they claim bilked a Maryland couple out of more than $4,300 in a surrogacy scam. Christina Lee Jensen, 36, is charged with forgery, theft by deception, receiving stolen property and unlawful use of a computer.
Jensen was arrested following a 17-month-long investigation. The couple approached police on Aug. 10, 2012 when they realized Jensen had been scamming them, police said.
According to a press release, the couple contracted Jensen and entered into a gestational carrier/surrogacy agreement in May 2011.
Investigators began looking into Jensen and found that she had forged an attorney’s signature on a legal contract.  Police say Jensen also fabricated legal contracts, receipts and emails–in order to steal over $4,300 from the couple.
Jensen taken to York County Central Booking where she posted $70,000 bail.



1 Comment to “York County woman accused of ripping off Maryland couple with ‘surrogate’ scam”

    ftroopgoingdown said:
    March 24, 2014 at 2:13 PM

    What a crop of crap. She did carry for this couple unfortantely the baby died because she had a stroke when she was only 24 weeks. There was no scam no forgery and no theft. She has a lot of friends who are rallying behind her and who know the truth. This case is all about the psycho intended mother who is out for revenge and a detective who knows she is friends with someone he doesn't like so he is throwing a pile of crap to see what will stick. Christina did nothing wrong and the truth will come out. She was heartbroken when she delivered early and has had a lot of major health complications since then. It must be a slow news day when you post stuff like this. If anything this whole case is civil there is NOTHING criminal about it. Hold your head high Chris, we are all behind you and we know the truth!

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