Red Land teen with life-threatening condition is granted a selfless wish

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A York County teen’s selfless wish is coming true.  Red Land senior, Shelby Boyer, is battling non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and wants nothing more than a shot at competing in a World Championship for Colorguard.

Shelby, 18, is happiest with a flag in hand. She says Colorguard’s been her sport since 8th grade.  So when she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma at 16 her life changes dramatically.

She says, “I had to sit our for 2 indoor seasons and 1 indoor season. I couldn’t run, I couldn’t Colorguard, nothing.”

Shelby’s mom, Penny says, “I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to go through what I had her go through.”

Parents Penny and Michael could no longer watch Shelby twirl.  Instead, their lives revolved around her weekly medical treatments in Hershey.

Penny says, “When you can’t help your daughter as a parent, it tears your heart out.”

Shelby’s recovering and the “Make-A-Wish” Foundation wanted to help.

Shelby says, “I sat down one day with a friend and we were talking about trips for the band and guard and I said, what if I did that? That would be awesome.”

Her wish has been granted.  The Colorguard team’s traveling for free to the World Indoor Colorguard Competition, in Ohio.

Shelby’s friend, Corrine Walsh says, “I’ve never met a more selfless person in my life. The fact she’s sharing her wish with us is unbelievably amazing.”

Shelby says, “In about two weeks we are going to be on a bus together and show them what Red Land is about.”

Some more good news for Shelby…her treatment is working.  She received two negative test results and is hoping for one more next month.

If you’d like to help the Make-A-Wish Foundation, click here.



  • Marina

    “I had to sit our for 2 indoor seasons and 1 indoor season”…should on of those say outdoor?

    And we don’t twirl; guard girls spin.

  • Mary

    Colorguard isn't a verb…it's spin or DO colorguard. And we don't twirl :/ so many typos in this article. But I'm so glad it's bringing colorguard into the media!

  • Sarah

    The typos in this made this article seem like it was written lazy, which is disappointing because this is a great story. Disrespectful.

  • GIsabel

    Typos, typos, typos. And it's not World Indoor Colorguard Competition. It's Winter Guard International Championships. Oh lawdy.

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