Lancaster County funeral director sentenced for corpse abuse

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A judge sentenced a former Lancaster County funeral director Wednesday for charges related to abusing a corpse.

Benajmin Siar is sentenced to 6-14 years in State prison for abusing four bodies during his time as funeral director in Conestoga.

Siar was arrested in February 2013 on 4 charges of theft and 4 charged of abuse of a corpse.  The incidents happened at the Gundel Funeral Home, in Conestoga.

Investigators found 4 bodies over a 6 week period.  They were in various states of decomposition.  Attorney’s say the bodies include a homicide victim and a patient who lost a battle to cancer.

Lancaster County District Attorney, Craig Stedman says, “I think it’s just incomprehensible you can’t conceive something like this taking place and really for no reason than his greed. There were many ways He could have called for help talked to other funeral homes but he’s going to be in state prison because of it.”

A victim spoke in Court, Wednesday.  She says she wanted her mom to be cremated after a long battle with cancer on January 21.  When she found out her mom’s body was still in the basement of Siar’s funeral home the next month, she said her mom didn’t deserve that treatment from Siar.