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Boat found submerged in Susquehanna River

Crews resumed their search for a missing Chester County woman and York County man last seen together on March 20.

A helicopter searched the Susquehanna River in Lower Windsor Township, York County this morning in an area where the couple may have traveled. A boat later went out onto the water and recovered an empty boat submerged on a sand bar.

The search for Elizabeth Dorsaneo of Chester County began on Tuesday after she didn’t show up to work last Friday.

Police have now identified her missing companion – Cody Wilkenson of Wrightsville.

They were last seen putting their boat in the water at the Lock 2 river launch.





1 Comment to “Boat found submerged in Susquehanna River”

    Joe said:
    March 27, 2014 at 4:26 PM

    Keep fishing and thinking you're not boating. Keep on not wearing PFDs on the river. Keep on thinking you're very, very smart and maybe you too can get your name in the paper. Too bad it will have to be a closed casket.

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