Ghost hunters investigate paranormal activity caught on camera

GILFORD, N.H. — Paranormal researchers are investigating after surveillance video apparently shows a glass object at a store fly off a counter by itself.
WMUR reported that a paranormal investigator and a medium are looking into a report from the Ellacoya Country Store in Gilford, New Hampshire.
“I can’t say that there’s a ghost in here,” said Parapsychologist Brian J. Cano. “I can say that there is something mysterious happening, and whatever caused that item to move on its own doesn’t have a simple explanation.”
Surveillance video appears to show the glass cover of a cake display flying off the counter all by itself.
The building was reportedly built in 1745. Store manager Lisa Ferraro-Giles said this is not the first strange encounter she’s had in the building.
“In 2002 when we opened the store, I had looked and I had seen a man standing, and it disappeared as fast as I saw it,” Ferraro-Giles said.
The paranormal researchers said they plan on returning to the store for more research.
Source: WMUR