Taco Bell Breakfast launched today, and I tried it!

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Taco Bell launched it’s breakfast menu and times, which started today at 7AM and goes until 11AM. But if you miss it today, you can always get it tomorrow!

The new breakfast includes items like a AM Crunch Wrap, Waffle Taco, Flatbread Melt, Steak and Egg Burrito, Orange Juice, and Premium Hot Coffee! I went to the Taco Bell down the street from our station to try out a couple of items.

I tried the AM Crunch Wrap with Steak, a Sausage Waffle Taco, and Orange Juice. The Waffle taco is not as soft as your traditional waffle, but the sausage and eggs add to it. It may have to be a little hard so that it canĀ hold the taco shape.

The next item, the AM Crunch Wrap with Steak was pretty good! Very filling and the hash brown adds a nice crunch-like-texture to the wrap. Of course, it’s your choice if you want this or any of the many options available to you, including cooking at home.