Harrisburg Police: Surveillance Cameras have led to multiple arrests

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Recently installed surveillance cameras in Harrisburg have captured evidence that have led to multiple arrests. Police believe that those cameras have also deterred crime in certain areas.Ten 24-hour surveillance cameras installed in September are helping Harrisburg police to better to their job. Police say they aren’t a replacement for officers on the ground but, the cameras are rolling when they can’t be there.
“ They’re here to record events that have happened, and aid in investigations, they’re not here for traffic enforcement they’re not speed cameras. They’re public safety cameras and that’s how we use them,” says Capt. Colin Cleary with the Harrisburg City Police Department

The software technology allows for privacy masking, ensuring the eyes of the camera aren’t looking into people’s homes.

“ We’re doing everything we can to ensure that we comply with the law and the spirit that your privacy is important,” says Cleary

Cleary says there are plans for a significant expansion of the cameras. They’re trying to determine the most beneficial areas in the city to install them .

“ We’re working with the district attorney’s office as far as crime coverage and the ease and expense in piggy backing off of existing sites is easier than creating new ones,” says Cleary