Update: Destructive fire in Mifflin County

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Mifflin fire

Flames started up again Friday morning in a section of row homes in Mifflin County.

The fire in Mifflin County damaged at least 25 row homes, 11 of the homes are destroyed. Flames broke out at 322 Terrace Boulevard at Terrace Apartments in Juniata Terrace around 6:30 Thursday night.

Chief Scott Beers with Junction Fire Company, based in Granville Township, tells us that the homes which were not destroyed may have water damage, smoke damage or damage in the attic. The firewall in the row homes does not go the whole way to the roof, so a crawl space in the attics connecting the homes made a path for the fire to quickly spread.

Fire crews had trouble bringing water to the area and had to call in more than 20 tankers. Four firefighters had minor injuries, one suffered smoke inhalation, one had minor burns, one hurt his elbow and another suffered from exhaustion.

People living in the homes escaped without injuries. Some pets died and others are still missing.

150-200 firefighters from several different counties helped fight the flames.