87-year-old man loses more than $5K in lottery scam


Pennsylvania State Police are warning older folks of a lottery scam that an elderly Lancaster County man fell victim to.

Investigators are looking into a theft and fraud case in which an 87-year-old Fulton Township man wired $5,020 to cover supposed taxes on a fake lottery prize check.

Authorities are actively investigating this incident and are urging older people and their family members to be aware of scams targeting the elderly.

Anyone with information or similar incidents should contact state police at 717-299-7650.

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  • Joe

    I'd say no, there is not. No reputable business would ask that. You also cannot win a lottery you did not enter and legitimate lotteries withhold taxes from winnings and give you the net amount. It is also illegal to enter a foreign lottery.

    Those calls telling you "this is your final notice to lower your credit card interest rate" are scams. So are those "free medical alert devices" and the foreign guy who wants to sell you an extended warranty on your car. Also forget that free dinner and free vacation. All scams.

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