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Fire victims in need of housing


After Thursday’s six-alarm fire in Juniata Terrace, Mifflin County, dozens of residents who were left homeless reunited Sunday.

Local agencies are struggling to find affordable housing for more than 30 people affected by the huge fire.

They gathered at Brooklyn Fire Company in Lewistown to give insurance information.

The public safety director says some have no insurance, and no one has enough to cover all that they lost. The community reached out with donated clothing and other items.

“A lot of that stuff from our youth and our mothers, our fathers, that we had, that’s all gone so we can’t replace it,” says Dennis Drass, who is in a hotel with his wife and dogs.

The blaze started from a grease fire in one home and spread to destroy 18 households.

The county says they are reaching out for state assistance for some of the victims left with nothing.


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