Uninsured individuals in York wait until the final day to enroll in healthcare coverage

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Technical glitches affected the healthcare.gov system again Monday morning.  It impacted people trying to meet the deadline to enroll for coverage.

Since October, Family First Health, on George Street, in York, has helped more than 1000 people with their insurance coverage.  Nearly 350 applicants have enrolled here under the Affordable Care Act.

Family First Chief Executive Officer, Jenny Englerth says three navigators help enroll six people at a time on the healthcare.gov website.  Englerth says her team is prepared to help with last-minute questions.

She says, “People need insurance, they’re concerned about affordability and about understanding the insurance plans. Sometimes people haven’t been insured for years and are not familiar with systems involved.”

Englerth says if you don’t sign up by midnight, you could face a $95 penalty.  Plus, you won’t be able to apply again until November 15th.