Boy forced to clean toilets in detention

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By, Heather Warner

A Maryland mother is outraged after her son told her he was forced to clean during an after school detention.

Henry Hawkins is a fifth grader at Longfield Elementary School in Maryland and admits to getting into an argument with another classmate.

He doesn’t deny he should get detention, but isn’t so sure he should be forced to clean toilets as part of the punishment. His mom agrees.

Neshanna Turner says her son has asthma, and shouldn’t be forced to wipe down desks and scrub bathrooms.

She took her concerns to the school district, which is now reviewing the case.


  • Joyce G

    Cleaning toilets is off bounds but cleaning desks and putting chairs on top of desks sounds good to me.

  • liz

    Wouldn't want me child to clean toilets due to germs but she has asthma and could surely clean desk and more. How are children suppose to act if parents continue to not make them learn that some behavior has consequences

  • JustSayin

    Asthma or not toilets are out of the question. I don't however see an issue with wiping down desks, unless he was forced to use a cleaner that would trigger his asthma!

  • Kids need to know

    Kids need to learn there are consequences…too many have no idea. I don't have a problem with any of it, but someone should have been there making sure the child was cleaning the toilet without being unsanitary….my fifth grade grandson cleans the toilet at home!! If he had no asthma attack….I would say everything worked out fine.

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