Pennsylvania lawmakers propose minimum wage hike

Changing Pennsylvania’s Minimum Wage

Some Pennsylvania lawmakers are proposing a minimum wage hike of $12 an hour and an end to the tipped minimum wage. The bill, proposed by State Senators Mike Stack and Daylin Leach would raise the minimum wage from $7.25 to $12 and would make it illegal for businesses to pay tipped workers less than the minimum wage. Stack says the tipped minimum wage, which allows businesses to pay as low as $2.83 a hour hasn’t changed in 23 years.

“Every time the minimum wage has gone up the job reports the follow year were at a ten year high so I think it’s going to create economic development, and people ae going to make more money and spend more money and pennsylvania needs to be a leader,” says Sen.Mike Stack (D) 5th District

The Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry says raising the minimum wage would hinder job growth and actually cost jobs as businesses would have to reduce hours and plans to expand.

” I think a lot of small businesses do not have the ability to increase wages like that across the board, ” says Alex Halper with the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry