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Police seek trucker who committed hit and run on a bicyclist

hit and run

A 17 year-old bicyclist was taken to the hospital after he was struck by a tractor trailer that did not stop at the scene. It happened Monday around 4:30pm at 1986 State Road in East Hempfield Township. The teen was taken to the hospital.

Anyone with information is asked to contact East Hempfield Township Police at 717-898-3103.


2 Comments to “Police seek trucker who committed hit and run on a bicyclist”

    yupp said:
    April 2, 2014 at 4:30 PM

    It is a shame someone got hurt, but it was probably the bicyclist fault he was struck. Most cyclists I've observed totally disregard the rules of the road. They ride right through stop signs, don't signal, ride on the wrong side of the road, pass cars inappropriately etc. As a motorist we are required to follow a defined set of rules which include rules to allow cyclists use of the road safely. Cyclists are required to follow these same rules when riding on public roads. I have seen very few cyclists that actually follow the rules.

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