Closings, Delays, and Snow Emergencies

A Sunny & Seasonal Weekend On The Way


By Drew Anderson, Meteorologist

Once we get past tonight, we have a great weekend on the way.

The showers will end overnight, and the skies will start clearing by daybreak. Sunrise these days comes at 6:45 AM.

An area of high pressure passes over us this weekend, so we’ll see lots of sun.

On Saturday, we’ll have windy conditions to help dry us out from the wet weather we saw the last few days. Winds will gust up to 35-40 MPH at times.

The windy conditions will keep a chill in the air despite the high in the mid 50s.

The area of high pressure dominating our weather this weekend will send us mild, southwesterly airflow on Sunday. So, we’ll get the mild weather sitting to our south and end up with a high of 62.

We return to the 50s on Monday, and the showers also return. We’ll particularly see showers in the afternoon.

The clouds linger on Tuesday, and highs in the upper 50s encore. We’ll also have very windy conditions.

We stay breezy on Wednesday and turn cooler with highs in the mid 50s.

On Thursday, the mild weather comes back as we bump the high up 10 degrees to 64.

We’ll have 60s and showers, yet again, on Friday. After all, we need those April showers for May flowers, right?



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