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News conference urges action against lawmakers accepting gifts

At 10:00 AM Monday at the Capitol Building, two legislators will host a news conference urging action against accepting gifts.  Currently, State Government officials receive cash, all-expense paid trips and events tickets.
In a bi-partisan effort, Democratic State Senator Rob Teplitz and Republican State Representative George Dunbar are teaming up with other members of the Government Reform Caucus.
Their goal is to highlight several measures that would limit or ban public officials from accepting gifts and cash.  The ban would apply to all state elected officials and state employees



1 Comment to “News conference urges action against lawmakers accepting gifts”

    Dennis Carrier said:
    May 27, 2014 at 10:56 PM

    You know, there are Republicans in support of the gift ban, including two State Senators who introduced legislation. Fox 43 news gives free publicity for Gene Stilp, who is a Democrat running for the legislature. And now we see another Democrat, Rob Teplitz, with his face on your news. Teplitz isn't running this time, but how about some free publicity for Republicans? It seems you're doing everything you can to give publicity for Democrats. Stilp's opponent, Sue Helm, should demand equal time for the generous publicity given to Sitlp.

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