Local News

28th Annual Crime Victims’ Rights March in York

The York County Victims’ Rights Coalition held their 28th annual Crime Victims’ Rights March and Candlelight Vigil in York Tuesday night. About 100 people gathered to march down West Market Street. They all had their own reasons for participating. Some college students studying criminal justice were looking to learn something they can`t find in a book.

“ It gives it that realism like I said people every day read in the news things happen like this but until you listen to people that actually experience it and learned it you don`t get the realistic factor to it,”says Matthew Lynd, a York College Student

While victims themselves like Miss York County Tristalyn Bixler-Kint shared their personal stories as sexual assault survivors.

“ It`s life changing for me coming out and talking about my experience and my assault has come to a closure and gained access to overcome what happened really makes a difference,” says Bixler-Kint

The night ended with a candlelight vigil to remember and honor the victims of crime.


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