Microsoft discontinues support for Windows XP users

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Windows XP users are now operating with outdated software.  Microsoft has no plans to support the software with upgrades, including virus protection. 

Justin Lamont’s gaining knowledge about computers at YTI, York Campus.  The former National Guard member spent six years working on computer systems for the Army.  He used Windows XP.  But now the software’s outdated.

Lamont says, “I saw that coming with the newer software coming out, they eventually had to phase it out.”

Lamont’s talking about Microsoft’s decision to discontinue support for Windows XP.  25% of computers around the world still operate with it.

YTI Instructor and computer expert, Jeremy Smith says, “Microsoft will stop giving updates, security updates, software updates. So you’ll be using older software which is okay, to a point. That means there could be viruses and vulnerabilities down the road that could be an issue.”

Smith says you’ll need to find other ways to protect your computer.

He says, “I would be recommended to go out and download a third-party anti-virus program, not relying on Microsoft’s built-in protection, since they’re no longer going to be updates. Lots of free ones you can download off the internet, plenty of paid ones you can purchase.”

Also, keep in mind your computer’s compatibility.

Smith says, “So if you’re going to buy a printer, there’s a chance it won’t be supportive for Windows XP. You’re buying software, it won’t be supportive with XP going forward.”

For now, there’s no need to panic.  Smith says, “Your stuff will continue to work for foreseeable future, just need to be vigilant about programs you use.”

For $100 or more, you can also download newer software such as Windows 8.

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