New Hope Academy Charter School appeal denied

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After quite a fight, New Hope Academy Charter School in York will in fact close its doors forever.

The Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania upheld the decision that it must close its doors by the end of the year

Students at New Hope Academy Charter School in York have a two hour delay Wednesday.. teachers are asked to report on time.

The delay is to give teachers time to prepare to console students after news of Tuesday’s court decision.

This fight has spanned two years –

“Save New Hope! Save New Hope!” screamed students, parents, and teachers at a rally in March.

But it’s now over – after Judge James Colins said the charter was denied for failure to meet state academic performance requirements.

Parents took the fight to Harrisburg for a hearing in March… many say it was their last hope.

“If the school’s closed down, what hope do they really have? That’s the only hope they have, this school,” says Kevin Byers, a parent.

The Charter School opened in 2007.

Students say it gave them hope after other schools put them on the wrong path.

“And when I went to New Hope, I found out the first two or three months that it was a completely different environment,” says student, Jermari Murphy.

The York School Board questioned how positive that environment really is..

“But, if you look at our students who’ve been with us over a period of time, they’ve grown one or two years academically,” says Kiersten Sutton, Director of Community Partnerships for New Hope.

The board decided to not renew the school’s charter – citing low test scores and possible ethics act violations in how the school is run.

While New Hope fought for the appeal, a Judge denied it – deciding its fate forever.

New Hope’s Principal says this isn’t the end of the road for the Charter School, but that they’re deeply disappointed by the courts ruling.

The school is planning on holding a meeting for all students, families, and staff to inform them of their educational options morning forward.


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