Telephone scam in Carrol Township

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Carroll Township Police were recently alerted to two telephone scams.

In the one scam,  a caller called a citizen and advised them that they can receive a Federal Grant, totaling over $7,000.00 for free for being a “Good Citizen.’  They only  have to pay $20.00 by purchasing a Green Dot card and then transfer the money to the Republic of Libya. In some instances the caller will ask for personnel information.

The second scam targeted a 95-year-old female and told her that she won $15,000.00 from Publisher Clearing House, but first she had to place a check for $150.00 in her mailbox and someone would stop and pick the check up. According to the resident the caller told the caller that a taxi would pick her up and take her to a store to send the money through a Western Union type service.

The fraud is typical perpetrated on the elderly. Carroll Township Police ask relatives and caretakers to be on the lookout for these types of scams especially when the elderly tell them the won a contest that the elderly did not enter.

Below are web sites that will assist with scams: