Yale student says the University forced her to gain weight


By, Heather Warner

You study hard, make the grades, and get into Yale– quite an accomplishment!

So imagine you finally make it there, and then you’re told you might be expelled because of your weight.  That’s exactly what was happening to Frances Chan.

Chan says doctors at Yale’s health center told her she is too thin and that she needed to gain weight.  She is 5 foot two and weighs 92 pounds.

The 20* year old had been fighting the university for months after she says it had put her on mandatory weekly weigh- ins.

Despite eating ice cream, cookies, and Cheetos… trying to do anything she could to pack on the pounds– she only ever gained two pounds.

After this long battle., just yesterday, Chan says the school has dropped it’s demand that she gain weight. Still, she says it’s been quite the struggle.

What do you make of this? Should Yale be getting involved in a student’s weight in the first place?


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