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12,000 gallons of sewage linger in a Lebanon creek

A Lebanon Landlord illegally dumped 12,000 gallons of raw sewage waste into a storm drain.  Now his property’s condemned.

Lebanon Mayor, Sherry Capello says she’s appalled that Harold Dice would illegally pump raw sewage out of the apartment complex’s basement and into a storm drain.  The Department of Environmental Protection estimates more than 12,000 gallons of untreated sewage made its way into the Quittapahilla Creek.

Mayor Capello says, “This is common sense. You don’t put sewage into storm water systems, so you can educate all your want, but it a person doesn’t want to take heed, there’s not much you can do except catch them and make sure they pay the penalty.”

The Mayor says the landlord will face penalties.  “We’re required by the DEP, EPA to make sure our residents, business owners do not discharge anything but storm water into our system.”

DEP officials are testing water samples from the creek as part of their investigation.

DEP Spokesperson, Lisa Kasianowitz says, “To determine the extent, if any harm was induced by the sewage, as well as any fines are applicable.”

People living downstream from the creek will soon learn whether bacteria, such as E. coli, is present in their drinking water.

DEP officials say landlords must have a professional company pump out sewage.




1 Comment to “12,000 gallons of sewage linger in a Lebanon creek”

    been there said:
    April 12, 2014 at 4:25 AM

    DEP = turd herder LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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