Local News

Flames injure one firefighter in Dauphin County

A huge house fire in Susquehanna Township, Dauphin County on Sunday evening injured one firefighter. It broke out on the 3500 block of Elmerton Avenue just after 6 p.m.
The firefighter is being treated for minor burns.
The house is a total loss with about $100,000 in damage. According to the fire marshal, the house was being remodeled and no one was living inside, although the owner stopped by to check on the progress. When he opened the front door, flames shot out and burned him, but he refused treatment.
The fire had already ripped through the home when fire crews arrived and flames started again at the chimney.
“Progress Fire Company was the first on the scene. They had a well-involved structure to the point where the second floor had already collapsed into the first floor,” says George Drees, Susquehanna Township Fire Marshal.
There’s no word on the cause yet and the damage was too extensive for fire officials to narrow down an area of origin on Sunday night.


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