York County organization helping people at home and abroad

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York County resident Trent Davis used to work in Baltimore as a certified public accountant. That was until he went on a trip that changed his life. “In February of 2000 I went on my first mission trip to Guatemala and it was the first time I’d ever been exposed to anything like that outside the country” said Davis.

While there he helped at-risk orphans get school equipment. It made such an impact that he quit his job and founded a non profit organization called Servants. “We started with mission trips back to Guatemala and then several years later in 2007 was when we started serving people in the United States” said Davis.

Davis said he wanted to do more than just write a check, so Servants began to help with home improvements for families that couldn’t pay for it. “Four hundred home owners we’ve helped in the last seven years in York County” said Davis.

Davis partnered with Larry Hinkle, a local business owner who’s been part of Servants since the organization started. Hinkle said in order to help others you have to look in the mirror first. “I think once you can see beyond yourself and you know your own short comings and things that you struggle with then you can in turn relate to them” said Hinkle.

Both Hinkle and Davis welcome the task of helping others at home and abroad. “Whether we’re serving here in York County or in Guatemala there’s poverty everywhere. And it may be a different level of poverty, but it still has the same impact on a person” said Davis.

This year Servants will double the amount of trips to Guatemala from 3 to 7, sending more volunteers than ever before in the organizations history. If you would like to help you can visit the Servants website by clicking here.