79-year-old dancer shocks Simon Cowell-goes from yawning to standing ovation

(Fox8) When a 79-year-old dancer took the stage on “Britain’s Got Talent,” judge Simon Cowell wasn’t expecting much.

And when Paddy and her partner Nico began dancing, the music was slow and so were their moves. At one point, Cowell could be seen yawning during their performance. He even hit his buzzer.

About forty seconds into the performance everything changed.

Nobody expected to see the 79-year-old dancer perform the way she did.

When it was over, Cowell had to issue a mea culpa.

“I apologize for what I did because I did obviously buzz a little early,” he said. “The British public are going to fall in love with Paddy. She is going to steal the show.”

Click the above video to see Paddy in action.

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