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Stem Cell therapy on animals may be medicine of the future

Two Central Pennsylvania dogs are receiving a regenerative therapy for arthritis that’s unprecedented for this area and less expensive than standard surgery.  Stem Cell therapy is a way to repair damaged tissue and treat injury.  When dealing with dogs, veterinarians say it’s the future of treatments and it’s becoming less costly.

Gunny is a 7-year-old German Shepard.  He underwent the revolutionary stem cell therapy at the Palmyra Animal Clinic.  Vets say the stem cell therapy is a way to combat Gunny’s arthritis in his hips.  Doctors collected fatty tissue from his shoulder, processed the stem cells in the lab and injected the cells back into his hips.  This happens all in one day for around $1500.  Prior to this, surgery could cost around $3,000.

Dr. Calvin Clements of the Palmyra Animal Clinic says, “Injected in a damaged joint or ligament, these cells will take on that characteristic and differentiate into the cartilage or tissue we’re dealing with and help to regenerate it.”

Dr. Clements says results are noticeable in about a month. On average, animals improve 85%.

For more information, contact the Palmyra Animal Clinic at 717-838-5451.

To learn more click here.



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