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Miss America visits Central York Middle School


Students held a Diversity Celebration at Central York Middle School Thursday night.

It’s the 8th annual Diversity Celebration for the school district. The event features a variety of foods and kids’ activities representing many cultures. There was also an awards presentation. Second-grader Christian Bucks came up with the idea for the school’s “Buddy Bench,” and he received one of the awards.

Students also heard from Miss America 2014 Nina Davuluri. She is the first Miss America of Indian descent.

“I grew up with a lot of stereotypes and misconceptions about my culture,” says Davuluri. “So I think it’s really being able to send the message that it’s OK to be who you are. Also, be welcome to answering questions and addressing those stereotypes, because you have to be willing to educate people.”


1 Comment to “Miss America visits Central York Middle School”

    Greg said:
    April 17, 2014 at 10:30 PM

    I hope someone follows up with the CYSD on this…..

    A courageous student politely asked the guest to attend the prom with him. The student subsequently was banned from the prom and suspended for 10 days. A little overkill I believe!

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