York firefighters deliver Easter cheer to families throughout the city

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As you finalize your Easter weekend plans, some families in Central Pennsylvania struggle to put food on the table.  That’s why firefighters in York County took some time out Friday to help.

The York City Fire Department was hopping today.  For starters, an Easter bunny was present.  The rabbit led the firefighters in a special delivery route around the city.  They delivered 25 Easter boxes full of donated food throughout York City.  Each box weighs around 100 pounds.  The boxes are filled with items including candy, potatoes and ham.

Through word of mouth, firefighters quickly learned who needed the boxes due to their financial status.

Firefighter, Gordon Myers says, “It’s giving back to the community. Everybody sees us in their worst parts, when we go out to a fire, this is joy to families in York city.”

Myers says he finds the experience gratifying.