Heads shaved in York County to help children fight cancer

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Clippers were working overtime on Saturday in York County, as folks got their heads shaved for a good cause.
The mass shaving event, at The Cove Restaurant and Bar in Spring Garden Township, was hosted by the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a cancer research charity for children.
Proceeds from the event will help fund research to find cures for childhood cancers.

Those who took part say it’s a way to show support for cancer patients and let them know they are not alone when it comes to losing their hair.
“It’s really cold and itchy, but I feel good, because I did it for a good cause,” says Megan Romero of Hanover.

Some men also got their beards and mustaches shaved off!

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation has raised nearly $30-million so far this year. This is the first time in five years that the head shaving event was held in York County.