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The 10th Annual Bunny motorcycle run

bunny ride

When you think of bikers… Bunnies don’t usually come to mind, right?

Well, if you were in the Dauphin County area today, you may have seen bikers riding around with little stuffed passengers. Hundreds of bikers from across our area grabbed stuffed rabbits and took them for a motorcycle ride.

It’s all part of the Hershey Bunny Run Event.

The event kicked off at the Hummelstown Fire Department where riders began their route to deliver donated bunnies to children who are hospitalized during the Easter holiday.

 “Any time your able to give a child a smile that’s in the hospital it’s a very heartwarming feeling. It’s a way for us to do something greater than ourselves and give something back.” Tim Greiner, Co-Organizer.

This is the ride’s tenth year. A separate group of riders will be making deliveries to the Children’s Hospital in  Philadelphia on Easter Sunday.



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