Men accused of selling Heroin & Cocaine out of York store, ATF now involved

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In front of customers, The York City Police Narcotics Unit served a search warrant Tuesday night at Garcia Deli & Grocery. Customers were told to leave the store as police raided the store and home at 901 West Princess Street.

Police arrested Miguel Garcia, the owner of the store, along with Sisdey Paz, a man who police say was Garcia’s partner. The two men are being called ‘major drug dealers.’ Undercover officers said they learned of drugs being sold from the store a few months ago which prompted the raid.

During the raid, police seized 100 grams of raw heroin (street value over $100,00), 412 baggies of heroin (street value of $8,240), $5,300 in cocaine, $280 in marijuana, 63 Anadrol steroid pills, drug packaging materials, $30,569 in cash, along with three handguns.

“When you’re talking $100,000 worth of raw heroin, that’s not chicken feet,” said York City Police Chief Wes Kahley.

The York City Police are teaming with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, a federal agency, because of the amount of drugs and the fact that firearms were also found.

“Someone here locally may get a year or so for selling drugs, and being in possession of weapons.  When you take them Federally, they are looking at up to fifty years,” said Chief Kahley. “The angle we want to take, if you are selling drugs in York, if you have a weapon on you, or you’re committing violence, we’re going to make sure you’re taken Federally, rather than locally. We want to take down the major drug dealers.”

Police say Garcia was the leader of the operation. He is charged with Possession with intent to deliver Cocaine and Heroin. He was also charged with possession of Steroids.

Paz is charged with Possession with Intent to Deliver Cocaine and Marijuana.

Kahley said the firearms seized will be turned over to the ATF. The guns will be traced to see where they came from. Ballistic examination will also be conducted to determine if the guns were part of any crimes in York City or beyond.


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