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Ex-Superintendent to appear before Dauphin Co. judge to ask for job back

Former Susquehanna School District Superintendent, Susan Kegerise is expected to appear before a Dauphin County judge Monday to ask for her job back.
This, all after she was fired for suing the district.
On April 21st, the school board accepted Superintendent Kegeris’s resignation along with Assistant Superintendent Cathy Taschner’s resignation.
But Kegerise didn’t formally resign, she wasn’t present at the meeting.
Board members say they take the language in her lawsuit as a voluntary choice to resign her employment.
The six million dollar lawsuit against the district and three of its board members has caused an uproar in a district ridden by turmoil.
“6 million dollars from our schools. An educator is supposed to do their jobs for the benefits of the students and the district. It honestly sickens me that this has been filed,” says student, Britta Long.
But still, some remain positive.
“I think our best days are still ahead of us as a district and I think we have that confidence I think we all have that expectation and that hope,” says community member, Peter Speaks.
One of the board members listed in the lawsuit released a statement regarding the lawsuit.
“This is just another bullying tactic against the board and the district by Susan Kegerise,” says board member, Mark Sussman..
This is just the latest issue that has come up in the district.
Former Assistant Principal, Shawn Sharkey, faces criminal charges.
He’s accused of having sexual contact with a female student.
A grand jury report criticized how the administration handled the sexual assault investigation involving the former principal.
Susan Kegerise is expected to appear before a Dauphin County judge around 2pm Monday.
Stay with FOX43 for this developing story.


1 Comment to “Ex-Superintendent to appear before Dauphin Co. judge to ask for job back”

    Joe said:
    April 28, 2014 at 7:23 AM

    The horrible English by Britta Long tells me that particular educator did not do her job very well.

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