Meeting on proposed pipeline to be held Tuesday

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A meeting will be held Tuesday morning for a proposed natural gas pipeline that would go through Lancaster County. County Commissioners say even though they don’t have a choice as to whether the pipeline will go in , they want to give the public a chance to address their concerns as to where it could be laid. The company that would install the pipeline, Williams Partners, will be in attendance. The pipeline, would start in the northern part of the state in Susquehanna County and go through Lancaster and Lebanon counties down to the Maryland line.

Lancaster County Commissioner Dennis Stuckey says they’re holding the meeting to give those in opposition a chance to speak out.

“ It concerns a lot of folks who care very deeply and strongly about environmentally sensitive areas where you can go in pristine wooded areas and waterway areas where you can go and enjoy the nature,” says Stuckey

The route of the pipeline isn’t set in stone. This meeting will be the first of many that the company and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission plans on holding for community members. The meeting starts at 10:00 at the County Government Center.

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  • yupp

    Property owners need to be fairly compensated for the land where the pipeline is laid. That means if by having the pipeline on a property makes it unsellable, the entire property must be purchased at fair market value along with moving and relocation costs paid by the pipeline owners.

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