Second Amendment Action Day Rally in Harrisburg

Several hundred people gathered outside the capitol Tuesday to celebrate their gun rights for the ninth annual Second Amendment Action Day . They were joined by state lawmakers who discussed legislation that would broaden gun rights. Representative Daryl Metcalfe (R) , 12th district, discussed his proposed House Bill 357 known as the Right to Bear Arms Protection Act. The bill would make any new federal gun control laws unenforceable in Pennsylvania.

“ It would make sure if the Federal Government would create any future gun control laws that our Pennsylvania law would stand up against that effort and stop them from doing so, “ says Metcalfe

Heading God’s Call, an interfaith organization focused on ending gun violence , says while they’re not against the Second Amendment they do want to see stricter gun laws.

“We feel common sense measures to limit the number of illegal guns are needed, “ says Ron Tilley, Heading God’s Call