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Former Gettysburg school teacher arrested for sexual assault of young boy


A former Gettysburg teacher arrested after he allegedly sexually assaulted an 11-year-old boy.

State Police say Robert Bonebrake, 67, of Chambersburg faces several charges which include involuntary deviant sexual intercourse with a child, indecent assault, and endangering the welfare of a child.

Police say Bonebrake was a teacher in the Gettysburg School District from 1969 until he retired in 2003.

Through the course of the investigation, police do believe there could be more victims involved.

Anyone with any information is asked to call State Police in Chambersburg at 717-264-5161.

Bonebrake was taken to Franklin county Prison.


2 Comments to “Former Gettysburg school teacher arrested for sexual assault of young boy”

    LTC(Ret) said:
    April 30, 2014 at 4:04 PM

    ENOUGH! When will we require very extensive background checks on union protected teachers? Yes, extensive, and renewal investigations every five years. I went through very deep background checks to get my security clearance for the US Army because YOU citizens entrusted me with national security information. I had to go through it every five years for my entire career. I had to be squeaky clean. Yet, you entrust your children to people like this? You must demand no less from teachers. How many stories like this do you need to read before you act?!

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