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Students draft a bill banning smoking in cars with young children


By, Heather Warner

Some High School civic students in Connecticut are taking their studies one step further, actually looking to change the law.

A class of seniors in Madison wants lawmakers to pass a bill prohibiting smoking in the car with young children. It was their teachers idea.

He told his class about a trip to the hospital, when he saw a child getting out of a car for his chemotherapy session. His mother had been smoking in the front seat.  He told his class, and his class wanted to do something about cases like that.

After doing some research, and studying other state laws, the class drafted a bill, asking their lawmakers to ban drivers from smoking if they have kids under the age of six, or weighing less than 60 pounds in the car.

The class is still working on the penalty for violators, but their efforts are already getting a lot of support in their community.


1 Comment to “Students draft a bill banning smoking in cars with young children”

    Jason said:
    April 30, 2014 at 8:51 AM

    No freedom anymore. I hope these students all burn hell

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