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Police Officers in Pennsylvania No Longer Need Warrants to Search Vehicle

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Police officers in Pennsylvania no longer need a warrant to search a person’s car.   The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled this week that officers can perform vehicle searches if they have reasonable and probable cause.  Prior to the court’s decision only federal officials were allowed to search vehicles without warrants or the drivers’ consent.  Proponents say it will help officers find drivers who may have alcohol or drugs in the car.  Critics say the ruling gives too much power to police and will infringe on citizens’ privacy.


  • 709RP

    WOW in Pa. I am shocked. We live in a state where local police cannot even use radar as a tool for speeding tickets. This goes to far, probable cause can and will be anything from sunglasses to a pack of cigarettes. I am very surprised, and disappointed by the Pa. Supreme Court.

  • 709RP

    In a dissent, Justice Debra Todd says the decision "contravenes over 225 years of unyielding protection against unreasonable search and seizure." She calls the change "diametrically contrary to the deep historical and legal traditions" of Pennsylvania.

  • Sean

    If you have nothing to hide whats the big deal? Its for the better. Criminals have too many rights and get away with far too much.

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